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We want you to feel safe when you come to work and the safety of our Guests and Team Members is our top priority.  Here are a few changes we made with that in mind!

MH San Antonio - What to Expect
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What else do we do different?

Wall Clock
Parked Cars
Relaxing Massage

Rushing between appointments can be stressful!  We have added an additional 15 minute break between every appointment to give you time to do whatever you need to do between sessions.

Our guests and members can wait in their vehicles until the therapist is ready for the session.  This allows the guest to enjoy the comfort of their own space before their session.

One frustration with couple's massage is that it difficult to get the timing just perfect both in session and out of session.  We are no longer offering couple's services at our Retreats.

Traffic Lights

We stagger appointment start times to help with the flow of traffic.  This means more time with your guests and more available appointment times throughout the day.

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