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Our Retreat Directors and Assistant Retreat Directors are the heart of the culture in each of our Retreats.  They work together to ensure that the operations of the Retreat run smoothly and in a way that creates a low-stress environment.  The leadership team is responsible for making sure that the culture of the Retreat is established and that a cohesive front desk and therapist team are created.  They handle day-to-day running of the business from administrative tasks like schedule management, inventory, and payroll, to big picture concepts like community involvement, helping develop revenue drivers, and team development.  Accessibility is one of our cultural pillars and our leadership team is always available to answer questions or handle situations for our team members.

Front Desk

Our Guest Experience Managers are the face of the business.  They are the voice a guest hears when they call to book an appointment and the first face that a guest sees when they enter the Retreat.  Our front desk are the drivers in developing a Five Star Experience for every person that calls or walks through the Retreat doors, including other team members.  They are customer service professionals and customer experience experts.  Retreat Coordinators must be well-versed in all things Massage Heights including benefits of receiving regular massage and facial services, different membership options, how to properly book appointments and schedule therapists to ensure they don’t get overbooked.

Retreat Attendants

Our Retreat Attendants are vital to the Massage Heights experience. Retreat Attendants  help to keep the Retreat prepped and ready at any moment. This enables our team to provide the best overall experience to our Guests and fellow Team Members. Retreat attendants are responsible for overseeing the Retreats cleanliness and laundry services. The maintenance of our Retreat is in their hands.

Massage and Skin Therapists

Our Licensed Massage Therapists and Estheticians are the core of what we do at Massage Heights.  Our therapists are licensed professionals and are treated as such.  We have no chore or laundry requirements for our therapists because we want you to focus on what is important…the guest on your table!  We only hire the most talented and genuine therapists to be a part of our teams.  Culture is a huge piece of what makes us successful and ensuring that we have a great two-way fit with our therapists is perhaps the biggest part of our culture.  We want to make sure that not only are you a great fit for us, but that we are a great fit for you!  Our therapists deliver amazing massage and facial services to our members and guests that keep them wanting to come back to us again and again.

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